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Why Should I Choose Lolita's Legacy for my Comprehensive Pilates Certification?

Program Overview

Lolita's Legacy™ is a 500-hour comprehensive program broken down into 4 separate modules typically offered in 2-4 day intensive workshops, offered every 4-8 weeks through a 12-18 month period. It is the only comprehensive training program created by a 1st Generation living elder. All Lolita Educators are Second Generation Pilates Master teachers who have studied with Lolita San Miguel extensively and who have completed her rigorous 2-year Pilates Master Mentor Training Program.

The Lolita's Legacy Teacher Training Program itself is comprehensive and all-inclusive in covering beginning, intermediate and advanced repertoire. It includes extensive information on: Fundamentals and principles of Pilates, historical and contemporary Pilates exercises on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and Auxiliary equipment as well as their safety guidelines, history and evolution of the Method, teaching philosophy and protocols, anatomy, physiology and science of Pilates movement with an anatomy manual written exclusively for Lolita’s Legacy.

As a new instructor, you will be encouraged to develop an eye for movement and a variety of other client assessment skills, learn how to safely work with clients who have special needs or injuries through movement progressions, regressions, variations and modifications. You will be mentored throughout the program with extensive feedback and interactive teaching opportunities.

Creating Superior Teachers

Lolita's Legacy™ training program has the primary goal of ensuring a superior teacher training program that goes beyond simple criteria requirements of multiple training schools today. Lolita doesn't wish to train as many teachers as possible, but only train outstanding teachers. Therefore, her challenge was to create a unique training program that educates Pilates teachers who will acquire a high level of practical knowledge with a flawless understanding of the origin of the Pilates Method and its future challenges.

Joseph Pilates was a genius by creating the Pilates Method.  It has been said that Joseph was 50 years ahead of his time with his deep understanding of movement in the body. Following Joseph’s Pilates Method, and with what research now proves as far as the effectiveness of the Pilates Method, it has allowed Lolita's Legacy™ to both be respectful of the traditional method while opening the mind of every teacher to a more contemporary approach.

Learn about anatomy and the theory of motion with variations and modifications to each Pilates exercise. Learn what exercises are contraindicated for some injuries and how to give clients variety within their limitations.

Completing the Lolita’s Legacy Comprehensive Teacher Training program will allow you to use this certification in whatever way you choose…be it to simply deepen your knowledge of Pilates or to enter the amazing world of Pilates as a skilled instructor.

Total cost of the program: $5950.00. Final Exam (To be paid at time of Exam): $400.00

Cost of Manuals: $250.00

For full program details & pricing, see PDF linked below:

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